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The Department of Dance, College of Science, Sookmyung Women’s University, was established in 1982. The department places emphasis on an educational environment that satisfies demands for new dance environments, and provides a great environment that meets the department's standards of specialized, professional and distinguished education. It possesses two lecture rooms for its major-related practical lessons (Lecture Halls 105 and 106), and one lecture room for theory (Main Center 418). The department holds proper facilities for art creation and provides a comfortable learning atmosphere for its students.

Each practical course room is equipped with a CD Player, DVD Player, speaker, fan heater, power supply, cassette deck, audio system, audio mixer, double cassette, etc., and it also holds the latest sound systems, VTR and screen for effective education. In particular, Lecture Hall 105 is equipped with a video screen, piano, AV system, etc., for video use during practical lessons. In the past, cassette decks were used for lessons but now the educational environment has been greatly enhanced with the use of videos during classes. Also, the number of lessons that require the use of various video tools has increased and thus the lecture rooms are equipped with EQs, CD players, mixers, DVD players, speakers, TVs, fan heaters, power supply, janggu frames, janggus, buk frames, buks, cassette decks, wireless receivers, audio systems, audio mixers and double cassettes.

It is vital to have access to a sufficient area space of 200㎡ or more in which a group of students can apply dance theories to practice, various dance techniques and creative dance practice. The large lecture hall of the department, Lecture Hall 105, forms a regular square shape. Its spacious area is set out like a real performance stage and is used with great convenience. The medium-sized lecture hall is a practice room in which various practical works can be performed.

Furthermore, the basic facilities and pieces of equipment used in the practical and theory lecture rooms of the department are mostly located in the Lecture Auditorium Bldg. under the maintenance of the department. When facility or equipment repair is required, the relevant department or division uses the general information system to inform the Management Team of the maintenance details for prompt maintenance.