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Graduate School

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In the master’s degree program, further study is conducted for the academic understanding of dance. Our vision is to train dancers with various perspectives and creativity. Highly professional techniques of dance and expression are taught to students with specialized teaching methods so as to promote their creativity in producing unique dance routines. Also, students will learn to develop aesthetic discrimination by understanding and recognizing various studies and products based on accumulated theories and creativity.


To train professional dancers with creativity and a sense of duty by academically systemizing the primary interest and passion of dance through the department’s theory and practical education courses.

Curriculum Details

  • Compulsory Subjects of Major: Study of Dance Aesthetics and Techniques
  • Elective Subjects of Major: Art of Dance, Dance Criticism, Study of Dance Music, Dance Teaching Methods, Folklore Studies, Dance Therapy, Stage Setting, Dance Biomechanics, Administration of Dance, History of Korean Dance, History of Foreign Dance, Dance Technology, Study of Dance Data Analysis