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Department of Dance

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The art of dancing is emphasized as one of the modern arts in the 21st Century. The Department of Dance recognizes periodic trends and conducts theoretical and practical education with the vision of cultivating professional dancers. We educate our students from various perspectives based on the practical, aesthetic, personal, critical and artistic theories of Korean dance, ballet and modern dance. Also, we focus on professional dance training by investigating accumulated dance theory and conducting specialized dance practice. After graduation, many of our students serve in national and international musical groups, extracurricular educational fields of 21st Century well-rounded education, various dance-related art groups (musical, music, theater, and pure arts), etc.

Educational Goals

The department aims to train talented dancers and artists who can lead the dance industry in the 21st Century of cultural arts. Our organic teaching methods and professional dance lessons are customized to meet each student’s needs.

Curriculum Details

  • Compulsory Subjects of Major: Korean Dance, Ballet, Modern Dance, Dance Aesthetics, Art Theory, Dance Creation, Intangible Cultural Dance Asset Interpretation, Dance Interpretation, Human Body Functions, Repertory, Physical Conditioning
  • Elective Subjects of Major: Korean Dance, Ballet, Modern Dance, Educational Dance Theory, Dance Theory, Stage Effects, Practical – Percussion, Practical – Creation, Character Dance

Department Details

The Department of Dance aims to cultivate dancers of vitality and insight who are capable of displaying great talent in society after learning the practical & theoretical bases of various genres and experiencing techniques of appreciation, performance and the practical skills of dance. Students will train their bodies with basic dance techniques and accurate posture in the Practical Dance course, study expressive techniques and apply various techniques according to the theoretical definitions and philosophical bases of the art of dance.