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The Department of Dance at Sookmyung Women’s University, was established in 1982. Since then, the department has produced 720 graduates who are working and acting in various groups including the National Dance Company, National Ballet Company, Universal Ballet Company, state and city ballet companies, Dance Group of the National Gugak Center, Korean Cultural Heritage Foundation, Korean National Dance Company, Samsung Dance Group, etc. Graduates who have completed the master’s and doctor’s courses are active in diverse fields of society. Our department is highly recognized by society, and our graduates have a high employment rate thanks to our fine professors who lecture on Korean Dance, Ballet, Modern Dance, Dance Theory, etc., and who produce bright and beautiful activities.

Our department plays various international roles and has participated and performed in many global events like the 1988 Seoul Olympics, the 2002 World Cup, the World University Games, and received the Grand Prize in the International Folklore Festival. We have also received many other prizes in national and international competitions.

Our department aims to develop leadership skills in our students by strongly asserting that the country’s development is highly related to the success of females. Thus, we are educating women to become professional dancers through highly-distinguished dance education.